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Labor Law

In business life where human capital is coming into more and more value, labor law has become extremely important in terms of ordering the lives in business places and sustaining a healthy employee-employer relationship.

Ayvalı Law Office is providing consultancy and legal service in every phase of work life, as from the formation of the necessary legal infrastructure in business places to the resolution of disputes arising out of employee-employer relationship, by its knowledge acquired through years and experience lived in both sides of the employee-employer equation.

To serve and provide legal support for foreign investors with regard to understanding and implementation of Turkish Labor Law is also constituting one of the most important services of Ayvalı Law Office in its network of labor law.

-Labor contracts (drafting, negotiation, due to amendment in laws revision and termination of labor contracts)

-Confidentiality and non-compete agreements

-Drafting and follow-up of labor law notices

-Occupational Safety and Health

-Collective bargaining agreements

-Drafting internal labor by-laws and instructions of companies

-In-service training for personel

-Industrial accidents and diseases

-Assignment of business

-Legal status of personnel in mergers and acquisitions and split-offs of companies

-Severance pay and payment in-lieu of notice

-Act and actions of Social Security Institution

-Labor litigation
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