» Expropriation Law

Expropriation Law

Expropriation which concerns many areas today in Turkey to which investment has made and all native and foreign investors, requires legal specialization and specific experience for each phase beginning from the issuance of expropriation decision, to the removal of various problems arising during the implementation of expropriation decision.

Due to such attribution, expropriation law for which administrative institutions and establishments also may apply to get legal support in their transactions, as well as private persons, is one of the most intense practice areas that our Law Office provides consultancy and legal service.

Koray Ayvalı Law Office, has specialized in formation of the valuation and conciliation commissions regarding the real properties to be expropriated on behalf of public institutions and establishments, preparation of valuation reports, conciliation invitations and negotiations, expropriation litigation in case non-conciliation, and also has provided legal consultancy and service on behalf of certain public institutions and establishments, to date with respect to many expropriation projects.

-Value determination, registration, correction of error of fact, withdrawal of real property due to waiver, restitution in integrum, compensation for crops not reaped

-Preparation and notification of minutes of agreement

-De facto expropriation

-Expropriation litigation for value determination and registration

-Urgent expropriation
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