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Commercial & Corporate Law

In today’s world where there are no borders anymore, the importance of Commercial Law that orders commercial production and consummation oriented activities is being increased with each passing day and it is becoming inevitable to supply solutions in an international aspect.

In view of the rapidly changing conditions, the tendency, in every trade area, to act more professional brings the expectation from law firms not only to serve for dispute resolution but also to manage the processes.Furthermore, the new Turkish Commercial Code entering into effect makes having legal support in this area more important.

Ayvalı Law Office, besides having considerable experience in commercial actions, is providing legal consultancy and secretarial work in fields such as establishing safe legal structures in companies, taking precautions for the management of companies in a way to reduce legal disputes and preparation and conduct of share transfer transactions between the native and/or foreign shareholders of companies etc.

-Mergers ve Acquisitions

-Domestic and International Commercial Contracts

-Joint-Venture Contracts

-Franchising, distributorship and sole agency contracts

-Establishment of companies with domestic and foreign capital

-Legal due diligence of companies.

-Providing legal service support in the relationship between the companies and the Capital Markets Board of Turkey, follow-up with the related law amendments and reporting to client companies.

-Conduct and coordination of ve legal transactions of companies (general assembly, stock register, share certificates, pledge etc.)

-Applications of corporate governance in companies.

-Property acquisition of foreign companies or companies having foreign shareholders.

-Establishment and activities of companies in free trade zones.
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